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EnerPlex Premium 2019 Upgraded Dual Pump Luxury King Size Air Mattress Airbed with Built in Pump Raised Double High King Blow Up Bed for Home Camping Travel 2-Year Guarantee

EnerPlex Premium 2019 Upgraded Dual Pump Luxury King Size Air Mattress Airbed with Built in Pump Raised Double High King Blow Up Bed for Home Camping Travel 2-Year Guarantee

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EnerPlex Premium 2019 Upgraded Dual Pump Luxury King Size Air Mattress Airbed with Built in Pump Raised Double High King Blow Up Bed for Home Camping Travel 2-Year Guarantee

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2-minute Cutting Edge Pump & Luxurious Quilt Top Flocking - Made in USA or Imported - 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE PLUS AN UNHEARD OF 2-YEAR WARRANTY WITH LIFETIME SUPPORT: 2019 NEWLY UPGRADED King Air Mattress with 2 MIN 30 SEC Built-In PUMP TECHNOLOGY - EnerPlex King Size Air Mattress offers an inflatable airbed and a one of a kind built-in pump (120V / 210W). TWO MINUTES 30 SECONDS TO INFLATE A DOUBLE HIGH LUXURY AIRBED! Fastest pump on the market - Our King Luxury Airbed was designed for portability and fast use. Our coilbeam technology ensures maximum comfort! - MAXIMUM DURABILITY, BUILT TO LAST: EnerPlex Airbeds are comprised of Waterproof, puncture resistant PVC with EXTREME Luxury comfort top flocking to prevent leaking or movement while sleeping - rock solid stability. Our PREMIUM Flocked top King Air Mattress surface delivers a real bed sleeping experience on an inflatable air mattress. PLUS, the built-in pump provides the fastest blow up on the market. - COIL BEAM CONSTRUCTION: Double High King Airbed offers CUSTOM COIL-BEAM TECHNOLOGY FOR EXTRA COMFORT: The EnerPlex King Air Mattress Coil beams were designed to give you maximum comfort and will mimic the experience of a real bed. The 18” King Airbed profile allows the same height as you would find in a chair. Simply wake up and roll out of bed with ease after a great nights sleep. Our airbeds are designed for indoor / outdoor use. - NEVER-LEAK TECHNOLOGY: Not only can you blow up your King Air Mattress in under 3 minutes, it also holds the air! The pump allows you to inflate/deflate quickly to achieve your desired comfort level. We suggest you fill up the airbed until fully firm, let the material stretch and then inflate/deflate to your desired comfort level. Whether you like a firm airbed or a soft air mattress, EnerPlex has you covered! - Should you have ANY issue's with your EnerPlex King Air Mattress contact us directly and we will make it right immediately. Our customer service team is obsessed with making your blow-up bed experience the best. That's the EnerPlex promise!
The Fastest, Most Powerful Pump on the Market The EnerPlex Double-High Air Mattress features the newest technology, high powered, built-in pump to get your bed inflated FASTER. Way faster. The king sized bed inflates fully in 2 minutes 30 seconds. That's twice as fast as other comparable beds. Inflate in 2 Minutes To inflate the bed, simply plug the bed in, pull out the inflate valve, turn the knob to the left to open, and turn on. Watch as the bed inflates to full capacity in 2 minutes 30 seconds. When the air mattress reaches your desired level on inflation turn the knob back to the right, push it in, and turn the pump off. Save Time with Built-In Deflation Valve No more trying to push all of the air out of your old air mattress. To quickly and easily deflate the bed, plug the bed in, pull out the deflate valve, turn the knob to the right to open, and turn on. Watch as the bed deflates just as quickly as it inflated. When the air mattress is emptied, turn the knob back to the left, push it in, and turn the pump off. Fold your bed up for storing in the included carry bag, and you're all set! Cord Storage Compartment EnerPlex air beds are designed for complete ease of use. Beyond the bed's simple fold-up design and included carry bag, when your bed is not in use or being stored, stow the cord out of sight. A specially designed snap open compartment included in the built-in pump allows you to easily fold up and slip the cord inside. No more cords tripping you up as you walk around the room. Advanced Features Coil Beam Construction With a proprietary coil beam construction, the EnerPlex air mattress provides firm support for proper spinal alignment. The result? All of the comfort of your regular mattress, with the convenient space-saving size of an air mattress. Welded seams will ensure that your bed stands the test of time (plus EnerPlex offers a 2 year quality promise, and lifetime product support!). Raised Profile - Anti-Slip Bottom An 18" profile provides the perfect height to easily get out of bed. Designed at the same level as a standard chair, start your day off right by rolling over and standing up with minimal effort. The sturdy build and raised profile make it easy to get in and out, and an anti-slip bottom prevents the air mattress from moving even on wood or tile floors. Durability and Comfort Constructed from puncture-resistant PVC, the EnerPlex air mattress is made to withstand use over time. The luxurious, velvety flocked top, provides the perfect mixture of comfort and durability. Upon initial use, make sure you allow the bed to sit for 24 hours, so that the material can fully stretch. If you need to, top it off with a few seconds of air. The bed can be pumped up as soft or firm as you like it, fully adjustable to your specific comfort level. Convenient Use and Storage Designed to work with your regular king sized bed sheets, the EnerPlex raised air mattress has unique ridges on its sides to prevent sheets from slipping. Once your bed is inflated and you've allowed the seams to buffer for 24 hours, treat is just as you would a regular mattress. When you are finished with your inflatable bed, it can easily be deflated and folded for storage in the included carry bag. Versatile Use for Whatever Comes Your Way Guest Accomodations The EnerPlex Double-High Raised Airbed is designed to be firm and supportive, promoting proper spinal alignment. It feels just like your regular mattress. If you're looking for a bit of a softer bed, just inflate for a few less seconds. The EnerPlex king sized air mattress will hold air to whatever your preference is all night long. Use the bed as a spare for your guests visiting from out of town, but be careful, they might not want to leave! Moving Into a New Home Big changes happening in your life? Whether you've just bought a new house, expanding your family, or are packing up to move to a new city, a comfortable night's sleep can help make life's transitions easier. The EnerPlex airbed can go anywhere with you, can be inflated in 2 minutes, and stores compactly. Wherever You Travel Going on a family vacation? Spending the summer at the beach? The compact carry bag that comes with EnerPlex air mattresses makes it easy to take your bed along with you anywhere you go. Inflate and deflate it any time you need to, and never worry about where you're going to sleep again! EnerPlex Camping Twin & Queen Air Mattress with High Speed Wireless Pump EnerPlex 13" High Twin & Queen Air Mattress EnerPlex 16" High Twin & Queen Air Mattress EnerPlex 18" High Twin, Queen & King Air Mattress EnerPlex 15" High Twin & Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pillow EnerPlex Toddler/Kid Air Mattress High Speed External Pump ✓ High Speed Built-In Pump Indoor/Outdoor Use Raised Design Carry Bag Excellent Sleep Built-In Pillow Sizes Available Queen + Twin Twin, Queen + King Toddler
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Produto: EnerPlex Premium 2019 Upgraded Dual Pump Luxury King Size Air Mattress Airbed with Built in Pump Raised Double High King Blow Up Bed for Home Camping Travel 2-Year Guarantee

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